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We wanted our thesis to be as organized as possible so we’ve come with some sort of platform where we can work on.

The main thing here is working asynchronously.

We are using Google Calendar for our workflow,


This allows us to set deadlines for ourselves. I’ve heard from the CVMIG people that they were required to come up with a gantt chart well then that’s good because it’s fun doing gantt charts in Google Calendar. I do it for my other subjects. Furthermore our thesis adviser can act like some sort of Project Manager who keeps track of our progress. She can make tasks, assign it to one of us and schedule it for us to do as an event. On our part, we’d have to either accept or reject that event depending on our other Calendars. Come to think of it, we’ve just abstracted Google Calendar to an issue tracking system!

Sharing documents using Google Docs to store our readings,


Google Docs puts the C in collaboration. As in e-c as 1,2,3. If you’ve used Google Docs before you know it allows asynchronous editing of a document. This allows our meetings online to be more effective since we can chat using YM! and edit it on the fly! If only Google Docs had a chat function then I don’t have to switch between windows.

…processing information using the Diigo plug-in allowing us to highlight text in webpages or add stickies to make notes!


This is most convinient tool in our platform. We’re doing our RRLs, reading webpages on the internet and poof!, an insight pops into mind. But I don’t feel like getting a pen and paper from my table which is 5 steps away from my desktop. What to do? Bookmark the page to Diigo and start highlighting text. For those elusive and rare insights, just add a sticky note. My partner can even add a comment to my comment to encourage a discussion. We can talk about it later when we’re summarizing our RRLs.

It took us a whole morning to figure out Diigo but now I guess we’re all set to tackle the rigors of doing our thesis.


Written by Jose Asuncion

July 15, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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