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Projectrix : rebranding ePasa

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Prior to the discussion of the specifics of the project, which was endorsed to us as ePasa XDan and I wanted to be sure about one thing: it should first undergo a branding overhaul. More of the details after the jump.

Rebranding the project isn’t just about getting a new name. We have four good reasons:

ONE. The project will be started from ground up.

It will be, in a way, a new thing as it will be built using new technologies that are lightweight, as compared to that of ePasa. As discussed with us by Professor Solamo, it is heavy and quite has failures (i.e. mySQL fails at some point). She has decided not to show us the previous papers, so to be sure that we will be developing the project from how we see it to be done.

TWO. The name should be simple.*

ePasa, the least for me, seemed to be a portmanteau of electronic and the Filipino word pasa. Creative yes, but do you see it being part of the lexicon (i.e. Google-ing) someday? Sometimes, people get overwhelmed naming projects with acronyms hammered with project keywords and first names. Most of the time, less is more–but not too less as common names in branding have miserably failed in many occurrences than one. (To give you an idea, eToys, a company worth $7.7B, which is very generic sounding, eventually shut down in 2001 as it failed to get the recall as an online toy store.)

THREE. The name should suggest the category.*

Names should be intuitive–it must speak what it represents. ePasa is very suggestive about the project being an online portfolio, but it misses out one thing: the collaborative approach in project assessment. Snapfish and flickr are apparently photo repository sites. Facebook and myspace, social networking (not with Orkut though).

and FOUR. The Law of Globalism.*

The project is aimed to be published in iJet, and in order for the international community to get a recall of this great project, it must sound international. We must seriously consider this if we have a long-term goal of getting a wide user base once it gets deployed. ePasa retains it’s local character and is very good especially that it will be a “flag carrier” in the field. But would other nationalities get and appreciate it? Would you, as Filipinos use Youku or Tudou on a more regular basis over YouTube? Probably not.

* I would like to thank branding genius Al Ries, and his immutable laws of branding for giving me the inspiration. I’d have to disagree though, sir, on some of your points.

Projectrix Identity

Projectrix was derived from project metrics, and yes, it is simple, intuitive, and global. The orange color will be consistenly used in the development (i.e. UI, documentation, etc.) as agreed upon by me and Dan. Looks like Cingular? Not really. Why is the X big? The recall is not in project–it’s in metrics. And oh, it makes a good favicon.

This only contributes a very small, yet significant portion to the project. What’s a good branding strategy without a functional, efficient, and most importantly working application? Ceteris paribus, a well packaged project is a plus.


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July 17, 2009 at 9:10 am

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