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The Hardest Thing

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I remember the ecstatic grins on our faces last Thursday. We were very happy with our talks over the scope of our thesis.  Already we were mulling about what programming language to use or what swashbuckling we can do with APIs out there but for one thing: the writing.


When it came to it, all I could say was: Why can’t we just pay someone to write for us?

Fact: It takes me 2 hours and 3o minutes to review a related literature for our thesis.  One related literature. I spend 30 minutes scouring the web for a lit. 1 hour reading and processing what I’ve just read and then the hard part, 1 hour summarizing. For the most part, it strains my eyes and whacks my brains out.

I wonder how much time I’ll waste writing my thesis paper checking grammar, indention, white spaces, whacking my brains out at looking for a synonym for “whack” because apparently I’ve used it twice in this blog already.

That time could have been invested in development.

Fact: I have to blog twice a week and what for really?

Fact:  It takes me one hour to blog. 45 minutes to cough up something to say and 10 minutes looking for graphics, the last 5 minutes I spend drafting.

This is why there are B.As in Agile Development so developers do what they’re trained to do: write code! Let the B.A do the documentation.


This is why media people who don’t know shiznit about technology create a lot of hype, because they don’t know shiznit about tech and yet they write. That’s fine. That’s their job.But not mine.

As I am typing this, my thesismate just buzzed me to say his laptop is going loco, “it’s typing on its own”. Ha! If only it could write for us!


Written by Jose Asuncion

July 17, 2009 at 6:54 pm

Posted in Hardwire

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  1. If only. LOL.


    July 17, 2009 at 7:26 pm

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