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4. Preparation and Something New

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Tomorrow we’re going to have a thesis presentation, and on Tuesday, students with Dr. Caro as their thesis adviser are going to present their RRLs one by one…PANIC!!!

After this, I will continue our preparation for our presentation tomorrow. So far we know what we are supposed to do (although 10 games still looks too much for 9 months). We have started on our RRL’s, although I’ll review them (my RRLs)  again later. We also have an idea of what technologies to use, and we have also have our story board for our first game.Will these be enough for tomorrow?

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I hope things will work out just fine. 🙂

/*i hope by next week, we can have our first Wii Remote (w/ or w/o the Nunchuk), so we can start having the feel of coding and using the Wiimote… XD*/


Written by gulard

July 19, 2009 at 3:09 am

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