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First Things First /*from Angelica Gomez*/

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Our first assignment was to gather information regarding our subject matter.  Dr. Caro taught us the format when citing our electronic references.  This assignment proved to be so exhausting since I really dug in the vast amounts of Google searches I made.  I also thought that I must be careful with the credibility of each site that I visited.

This assignment has been really of help to us.  It made us read researches about the effects of gaming in education.  I was surprised to find out that there already exist inter-school computer game tournaments in the West.  Also, educators are starting to accept that the generation of today needs a different kind of approach when it comes to teaching lessons.

Lastly, I tried looking for articles that is Wii-related. 😀  I found several of them.  I took out those that tackle the Wii’s role in education, about designing games in Wii, and some existing libraries/APIs for Wii.  It was a relief that we could use Java with Wii having first thought that Wii always come with C++. Haha.

All in all I learned so much from doing this review of related literature.


Written by gulard

July 19, 2009 at 7:39 am

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