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“Lolo and Lala”: The Making /*from Angelica Gomez*/

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And so came the time that we have to start thinking of our first game.

We chose factoring of polynomials as the lesson.  I cannot remember fully well how we came about with choosing this lesson. XD

So I started with gathering ideas about how factoring of polynomials can be incorporated in a game.  I checked out sites about them.  Typing “polynomial factoring games” in the Google search engine, I stumbled upon this site which offers a puzzle game for factoring.  It is even giving out free puzzle pieces in PDF format.  It turns out, the teacher will only have to download it, print out several copies, and then cut them.  I pondered for a moment on the puzzle board in front of me.  I even copied it.  Then I approached my partner who was then doing his RRL.  He peered into my paper and saw my puzzle board copy.  He asked, “Ano ‘yan?” “Wala, nakita ko lang sa isang site”, I replied.

I looked at the monitor screen of my partner.  And saw that he was reading something about a game involving a character named “Lolo”.  We were immediately intrigued since we were both imagining an elderly man as a character of a game.  Well, of course it is not the elderly man we thought it was.  Haha.  If only the makers of the game knew that in Filipino, “lolo” means “grandfather”. XD But anyway, we continue to read on the storyline of the game and we found out that this “Lolo” has to save a certain girl named “Lala”.  HAHAHAHA!  Lolo and Lala. XD Continuing, we learned that they are just puffy balls, much like Pacman.  And then it hit me.  What if “Lolo” has to cross a lake, for example, in order to save his “Lala”?

I told my partner that “Lolo” could jump on several lilies containing the factors of a given polynomial.  Then on and on, our ideas flowed out naturally.  We alternated with my pencil as each of us added our ideas on the paper where I copied the puzzle board.  The difficulty levels of the game, the mechanics, and the naughty storyline. Then I went back to my seat thinking that I should ponder on what we will have to do next, the refinements of our ideas and all…  My Yahoo Mail account was flashing orange indicating that my friend, who willingly offered to help with the planning of the game, answered my personal message.  It turns out she was thinking the same things too!  A character jumping on something until he or she gets to the grounds of some evil castle or something.  She added that we can add cannon balls shooting after the character and answering a problem will make our character stronger enough to finally defeat his or her enemy.  Haha! I thanked my friend with her ideas and told her that I really appreciated them especially that part of her idea was actually what we were also thinking!  And then I promised her that we will add the cannon ball thing. 😀


Written by gulard

July 19, 2009 at 7:44 am

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