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The Meet Up

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We had to talk to our adviser, Maam Weng, about our project. We were then still to be introduced to Game Based Learning, Assessment, and the platform we would be using. We first thought of iPhone, and Maam Weng had no objections to it. She also taught us about GBL, how it is famous around the world, and how interesting yet very significant it is. She also discussed the assessment part of these learning applications, its role cycle, and its importance to students and teachers as well. Maam Weng really never failed to inspire us on how this could possibly help the educational system here in our country.

Here we have also come up with a specific topic or subject we would be focusing on. We decided to choose Music Education. So much different from other main subjects such as Math, English, and Science, Music tackles more on the skills of the student. We would want to show Music as an art, not just a mere memorization of notes and rhythms.

The tasks we were assigned to do are:
1. Scout for more musical games for iPhone, check their reviews
2. check out how assessment works for Music Education
3. Start finding a school to tie up with

So there. Off to an exciting adventure!


p.s. do you still remember your basic music until now? haha 😀


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July 19, 2009 at 4:23 pm

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