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Step One: So What’s the Problem? :|

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One of the first tasks that we have to do was to describe what our project would be. What we came up with

Our project aims to create an application (or a game) that would assist in the teaching of some topics in elementary mathematics. We have chosen to create a learning tool for mathematics because studies done in the past have shown that most Filipino children displays low aptitude in that subject.*“In the 2003 Third International Mathematics and Science Study participated by 45 countries, the Philippines was ranked 41st in mathematics and 42nd in science. The country trailed other Asian nations, including Malaysia and Indonesia.”* –Sen. Loren Legarda.

Through the integration of games with learning, the interest of students (and hopefully, aptitude) in math would increase. Some of the topics includes: comprehension of whole numbers (i.e.give the place value of a digit in a number, comparison using >,=,<, etc), comprehension of basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), comprehension of fractions, basic geometry (shapes) and comprehension of time. (Source: Basic Education Curriculum, Philippine Learning Competencies- Math).

was still vague and did not present a really clear picture of what we’re going to do. Aside from that, we forgot to take into account the assessment part. Hopefully, subsequent consultations with our advisers would help us paint a much better and clearer picture of our project.

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July 20, 2009 at 1:31 am

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