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This is too late to say, but still, WELCOME TO WSG!

Our group decided to make a mobile baby book. Truth is, at first we were not all excited about the project. We thought it was an easy project where all we need to worry about is the user interface. Well, we were wrong. We did not immediately grasp the idea that the project has a medical twist. We thought we were only making a virtual scrapbook.We were given three choices as to where we would develop the project – JavaFX, Ipod Touch and Android. We initally chose the Ipod Touch because for one, we wanted to use a Mac. Also, a similar project was developed on the Ipod (Pedsync). But then Sir Feria told us about the Android phones. We immediately reseached about the platform and found out that Android was predicted to be a threat to Microsoft. We then knew Android was the one. 🙂


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July 25, 2009 at 12:54 pm

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