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Continuation of our RRL presentation (webcam games and english games)

Children’ University of Manchester


Camspace –   a free program that lets you control computer games using your WebCam with everyday, ordinary objects


Qui Qui Giant Bounce

A physically interactive computer game and story for children. QuiQui’s Giant Bounce is an award winning computer game for 4 to 9 year old children that is controlled through movement and voice. It uses a web camera and a microphone to “see and hear” the player. It is comprise of physical exercises.


Shadow Boxer – A Physically Interactive Fitness Game

This paper described a game patterned after shadow boxing that uses physical movement’s inputs to a webcam. Its goal is to conduct a study on the playability and the effectiveness of games as an exercising method. The prototype used a webcam to do basic movements of fitness boxing such as straight hits, uppercuts, and hook punches.



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