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Computer Science is not simply programming

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Some definitions learned:

Pedagogy – art of teaching children for purists but today, it is used to denote teaching individuals of any age.

Elearning Pedagogy – the principles of pedagogy applied with elearning strategies like game-based learning and educational technology.


Self-assessment through self-testing is an excellent active learning activity, especially when students are provided immediate feedback on why they miss some question or task. Though there is a possibility of cheating in an unprotected environment and standardized examination doesn’t apply, we can say that online testing is excellent for a student to know his strengths and weaknesses.


An ongoing process of finding out how well the students learn a certain course and concept. Elearning assessment can help both the teacher and the student. For students, assessment can help them increase more in knowledge of their strengths and areas which needed development. For teachers, assessment can help in terms of evaluating how effective is the elearning strategy applied in teaching and they can know also students’ knowledge of the course.


~ Testing

~ Portfolio Assessment

~ Student Participation

~ Self and Peer Evaluation

TESTING: (proposed assessment to be applied to module 1 of web based alice)

Though testing is favored in measuring learning in traditional teacher-centered learning environment, it can also be useful in student-centered elearning environment.

Proposed Metrics: Time, number of moves (module 1: maze?)

SELF AND PEER EVALUATION (proposed assessment to be applied to module 2 of web based alice)

One advantage of peer evaluation as one of the assessment components is that you can have and give detailed feedback for students’ works through some metrics.

Proposed Metrics/ Rubric for Module 2: (scratch-like module)

A. Presentation Flow

~ Logical Sequence

~ Easy to follow

B. Content

~ Metacognitive or thinking Skills

~ Organization of Objects

C. Esthetics

~ Color Coordination

~ Background Design

~ Animations

~ Graphic Layout

D. Creativity

Proposed Ratings: Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte


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