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Intro Part 2

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In the educational context, more projects are being developed which uses AR as a tool to enhance the user’s learning experience. Most of these projects are simulation-based games, which is a type of game where partial images or representations of reality chosen from a real circumstances are being duplicated to observe different kinds of scenarios[3]. This engages users to explore and to learn based upon their own actions or decisions. Simulation-based games are just a type of genre in gaming[5]. There are other types of game genres which can be possibly be used for AR development.

With those mentioned above, how does one design and develop an educational AR game about human organs and human body processes? How can one design an AR game so children can play while exploring and learning their own human body? What type of Game Genre will be applied to the AR game? Is there an AR hardware that is cost-efficient and child-friendly? Lastly, how do we determine the assessment of the AR game to the children?


Written by rururu

August 9, 2009 at 10:40 am

Posted in Augmented Reality

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