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Computer Science is not simply programming

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Students are CHANGING. Learning is DYNAMIC.

 Four Traditional Simulation Genres:

  1. Branching Stories

~ The decisions impact the evolution of the story, ultimately terminating in either successful or unsuccessful outcomes.

~ Branching stories can shape high-level strategic decisions a player makes. This adds replay ability and strategy to the rest of interactions.

// Module 1 and 2 of WePEG : cause-effect relationship

2. Interactive Spreadsheets

~ focus on abstract business school issues such as product life cycle, accounting and business, wherein the students play results out on dense graphs and charts

3. Game-Based Models (Making the ‘Boring’ “FUN”)

~ more diagnostic that instructional

~ Students engage simulations of a familiar and entertaining game in which educational content is embedded.

// Module 1: Maze – quick moving, quick reward, and enjoyable experience.

4. Virtual Labs/Virtual Products

~ Virtual Products – students interact with visual, selectively accurate representations of actual products without the physical restrictions of the reality.

~ Virtual Labs – focus on the situation where the product is being used.

// Module 2: Drag-and-Drop Model is used.


        ~ Simulation Element – objects or situations that represent user interaction; enables transferability to the real world; involves discovery, experimentation, role modeling, practice and active construction of systems

        ~ Game Element – increase enjoyment and entertainment derived from educational experience

        ~ Pedagogical Element – diagnostic capabilities, scoring or assessment, visualization of relationships, and linking simulations to the real world.


        ~ You are the key to success.

        ~ Mistakes are necessary on the path to success.

        ~ Things are connected.

        ~ How to learn.

        ~ Computer Literacy

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