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Computer Science is not simply programming

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According to Becta’s Study about teachers’ perspective on E-Learning, there are external and internal barriers on the teachers’ side and here are the following:

         ~ External

  • lack of access to resources
  • lack of time
  • lack of effective training
  • technical problems

 ~ Internal

  • lack of confidence
  • resistance to change and negative attitudes
  • no perception of benefits

 Issues to Conquer for Us to Say that There is Learning:

  1. Functionality – Is the application really teaching programming to students? Is the application really teaches cause-effect relationship to students?
  2. Accessibility – Is it accessible to target audience?
  3. Flexibility – Is it portable?


The purpose and goal is to cater “digital natives” (digital generation who were born in the era of computers and advance technology), “digital immigrants” (digital learners who were born before the computer and advance technology era but is susceptible to learn) , and “analogues” (who dismisses and don’t want to learn about digital technology).


Digital technologies are revolutionizing the manner in which education is conducted, from curriculum design and resource development through assessment of learning and record-keeping.


Other Reference:

 Becta. A Review of the Literature on the Barriers to the Uptake of ICT by Teachers. London, 2004.

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August 11, 2009 at 3:59 pm

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