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Here Wii Come

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On the happier side, we already have the Wiimotes!! Hoorayy!!! Finally, we can be able to play with it, experiment and do the things necessary for us to implement our projects. Enthusiasts we were, we tried connecting the wiimote to our machine. We did a lot of downloads and installation of different files and installers, most of them to our disappointment. Nonetheless we found some helpful stuffs, like the WiiRemoteJ API and Avetana for the buletooth connection. We found a simple code that shows the accelerometer of the wiimote working. Note that we are running our project on Ubuntu 8.04. If you have questions on how to connect your wiimotes, you can comment or email directly. So far we are still playing with the wiimote, still unveiling its capabilities. 😀


Written by joanbagunu

August 13, 2009 at 10:19 am

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