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It was the night that we were all waiting for – thesis making at JRDC with WeRoam by our side.  We were finally able to borrow the WeRoam from Dr. Caro and according to the advertisement made by one of his colleagues as were testing it back at the ITTC, its signal was flawless even if the user was up on the mountains.  But when we were already using it, the signal apparently struggled through the confines of JRDC.  We had to employ the round-robin scheme in order for us to access the internet or else we would just be sharing the single bandwidth we had.

Nevertheless, we did what we could.  I continued to edit the images for the graphics of our game.  GIMP became my best friend as I smudged colors to make blending effects and to cover up evidence of copy-pasted portions of images. I also appreciated Paint like I never appreciated it before.  I learned the power of the Color Picker tool.  Before I learned of its purpose, I had to list hexadecimal representations of the colors I was using so as to avoid having to find the exact color again and again in the Edit Colors menu.  My partner on the other hand just met absolute layout in javax.swing.  From time to time he would consult me about the measurements along the x and y axes before filling in the parameters of the setBounds methods.

Since I was not allowed to stay overnight, I just went back the following day, Sunday.  All I heard from my partner was that he waited patiently for almost 7 hours just to download Ubuntu.  But all was in vain.  It was really difficult to download.  So, we just continued to do what we could for the rest of the day while getting worried that we were not yet testing our codes in Ubuntu.  Finally, we were able to accomplish the following things:

(i)                new images – backgrounds, characters, buttons

(ii)              new fonts

(iii)            instruction page of the game

(iv)            timer

(v)              number of lives of the character, and

(vi)            prompt whether the answer is correct or incorrect

Written by Angelica Gomez

August 13, 2009 at 7:07 am

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