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Kinespell 2: On some Issues…

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Last presentation, Mam Ada commented the way how we handled the extra random letter. According to her, if for an example the user was not able to get the spelling right on the first try, the user will be given another chance to try again but the same extra letter that appears on the first try will not change on the second try and so on.

Regarding with the comment of Sir Rom, he asked us that instead of using a database to easily retrieve the audio, what we could do is to have the filename of the audio be same with the spelled word. For example, the spelled word is “cat”, the audio should have a filename like “cat.wav”.

Issue #1: This one is easier to implement. What we could do is to store the random letter in some variable and then attach it to the spelled word. If the user get the spelling right, the variable will be replace by another random letter.

Issue #2: This one is quite difficult to implement…..


Written by manica dimaiwat

August 15, 2009 at 12:47 pm

Posted in Kinespell 2

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