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10 things about an extended Sprint 1

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By now I should have finished developing the feature that lets a user haul his profile from a social networking site like facebook, twitter etc. What happened was that we had suddenly made the decision to migrate languages and platform.

1. From LAMP, we’re now using Java on top of the Spring platform.
2. Migration was a bit of a headache.
3. I was apprehensive about Spring not working on Google appengine but if you know your J2EE and basic SpringCore, it’ll be fine.
4. Always put “isELIgnored=false” in all JSPS! This makes the compiler not ignore JSTL tags and EL. It took me two hours to find out what was wrong with my code when my ELs weren’t printing! Thank God I googled for help. Which leads me to the next thing…
5. Java on google app engine isn’t quite well documented. Well at least for my problem in 4.
6. With PHP we brute-forced the logging in using Google id, now we’re just calling the user library thanks to app engine!
7. Java and Spring are case sensitive. index.jsp != Index.jsp. Another bug which took me a lot of time to kill!
8. Using Twitter Oauth to get a twitter profile is more complicated than I thought.
9. You need a persistence to store the user’s unique access token.
10. You can now login to our app using google id and logout without worrying about if you logout of google accounts. Once you logout of our app you’re also logged out of google (logged out of gmail etc).

– Jeune


Written by Jose Asuncion

August 17, 2009 at 7:27 pm

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