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Primera problema

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After our which-technology-should-we-use-dilemma, we are once again faced with another problem.

Primera problema:  One of the perhaps most irritating error that we’ve encountered (and still encountering) was the failure of the initialization of BufferToImage or converting the captured buffer to an Image class. According to the Pro Java 3D Game Developement book, this phase may take several tries. And based on our experience, sometimes it not only takes several tries but it also exceed the number of tries possible (max of 10 tries).


I was surprised to discover that the initialization phase may need several attempts to
create a BufferToImage object.

We still don’t know how to address this problem (or if there is really a solution to this). For now, we plan to increase the maximum number of tries (at the cost of longer initialization phase).


Written by izelderamos

August 17, 2009 at 1:03 pm

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