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9. A lot of new things, still at one… /*Part 1: The Presentation*/

We had our new Imacs just this week. We’re done installing all updates, and the only thing left for us to do is to have the key for VMWare Fusion from Joanne, install Ubuntu 8.04, then we’ll have two units that we can use for our thesis project /*we will still use the old pc…*/. Good timing, we’ve got lots of work to do…

There were important comments last Monday when the MyMathVentures group presented what they have done in the past two weeks. First was about the reusability of the classes we are making. Tsk, we have rushed the development of our first game without focusing first on the software architecture. We should also consider extensibility of the classes that we will create.

Second was the loading screen, loading the game took a very long time. It’s because of the way the WiiRemoteJ library detects Wiimote devices: it scans ALL bluetooth devices and detects the first Wiimote device it finds. A ‘fix’ for this is using the library’s method for connecting to a Wiimote device directly using it’s Bluetooth address.

Third was that the instructions written in the instruction ‘page’ of the game was too long.

Fourth was about the gameplay itself. They suggested that if the player wants to select a polynomial/lily pad, make the frog jump to that lilipad, the polynomial will be added to the answer without pressing any other button. If the player wants to undo his answer, he must make the frog jump to the previous lily pad the frog was. This might mean remembering the path the frog makes while jumping from one lily to another, but removes the part of pressing a button /*currently the A button*/ to select a polynomial.

Lastly, the assessment page must include not just the wrong answers, but also the correct answers made by the player.

After the presentation, Prof. Solamo talked to us and showed us an example of a game in Nintendo DS, only the part where the instructions for the game are shown. It was very short, but you can easily understand it because of the visual presentation of how to play the game. She told us to have something like that on the games that we will develop, or a ‘Training’ session where the player is allowed to ‘train’ with the game’s controls before playing the actual game. For example, in our game, we can allow the player to practice the use of the tilt mouse, or to practice swinging the Wiiremote up /*with comments such as ‘weak swing’ or ‘strong swing!!!’*/.

Tuesday, our thesis adviser talked to us and asked for our free time. He will meet us on Friday, and he required us to have rough ideas/story boards of the last four /*YEY only 4!!!*/ games that we are going to develop. work++

Wednesday this week, we asked for her help about the reusability part. She suggested that we come up first with interfaces with behaviors which we think are common to all games that we will develop, put them all in a single package which will be used by the six of us, including the EEG group. Then each group will have their own implementations of the interfaces in that package, then later on, we can compare our implementations to arrive at probable abstract classes.

So tomorrow /*this should have been posted yesterday*/, we are required to have the following:

  • The last four game ideas /*for presentation with our thesis adviser*/
  • Game architecture /*update on Wiki*/

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August 28, 2009 at 1:15 am

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