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Pitch Paradise: Software Architecture

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The tasks are already getting much harder.

The new tasks for all of us were to make process flow and software architecture for our project. What I could recall during my CS 192 class where we first learned how to make software architectures is that, you have to specify the classes and packages you will be using, and identify the level where they belong, whether they are on the user interface, controller, or model.

And since our project is a game, unlike web based database applications, we won’t be manipulating the bottom most part, instead we focus on the user interface and its functionalities.

Pitch Paradise: Software Architecture

Pitch Paradise: Software Architecture

Learning Android is not simply getting familiar with Java and then you’re fine. Android has its own MVC-like structure, as an example, it recognizes XML for interface design. Though we could programmatically make the GUI, we could use XML instead as to not mix the ‘View’ part with the ‘Controller’. And we don’t have to bother learning XML anymore (though we still have to, but just to ease up everything) because there is already DroidDraw, where all widgets are as easy as WYSIWYG.

As for the controller, we are still yet to discover all capabilities and limitations of Android. We also though we have to do a simple web app which will be a player manager for the game. It shall record the player, his or her scores, and other statistics.

It gets harder, but it gets more and more exciting, too.


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August 28, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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