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12. Friday Pressure!!! /*Part 2: The software architecture*/

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What structure will be common to the games we will develop? This is the result of what we have talked about. The game architecture is divided into six modules.

The Hardware Connection Manager module manages the connection with the game controllers – webcam or Wii remote.

The Player module handles player profiles.  It allows creation of a new player account, allows the player to edit his or her profile, changing of the current player, and player deletion.  The module stores and accesses the player files.

The Game Proper module handles the gameplay itself.  It specifies the game selected by the player, the checker, and type of interaction and timer that is associated with the game.  It also provides the player’s game assessment by storing and accessing the assessment files.

The Game Setup module handles the graphics and audio of the game, and management of game controller settings.

The Question Manager module manages the questions needed for the game.  The module randomizes the questions that are either generated during the game play or accessed from stored files.

The View Assessment module handles the assessment part of the game.  The module stores and accesses the assessment file for a particular player.

That Frieday has ended, but the pressure remains. We need to modify our first games to follow the structure we had talked about. Also, we need to start thinking of the next games /*It’s almost September… :|*/, which means we also need to arrive at new interactions using the Wiimote, which is hard because of the limitations of using just the accelerometer. Good luck to us all. I know we can overcome this pressure. 🙂


Written by gulard

August 29, 2009 at 2:50 am

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