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We scheduled a meeting with our adviser last Friday, August 28, 2009. He is expecting us to present rough ideas of our five story board. We were able to present one. As our next topic is system of equations, it is really hard for us to make the game engaging and fun. This is what Dr. Caro pointed to us after presenting our storyboard. He suggested that we can add a storyline instead of just plainly automating the process of solving system of linear equations.

Actually, what we were really thinking was that the character after having an adventure at the pond (from our previous factoring game), he will now be inside the castle wandering through dark hallways as he struggles to find and save something or someone. But the whole storyline was still blurred so we did not mention it to our adviser. I think that we have to finalize that already as our adviser already expects us five storyboards.

Lastly, we were not able to present our first game because the only PC that we were using lost its current installation of grub. We have not yet installed a new one.

It was when the meeting was over when finally the VMWare for our iMac was ready. Oh well… we can just present it to him next time. Besides we still need to change certain things in our game based from the comments given to us from the last demo.


Written by Angelica Gomez

August 29, 2009 at 5:49 am

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