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Sir Caro asked us to present updates on our thesis including our other storyboards last Friday in the morning. This was the first time we’ve heard good feedbacks from him since past month. Hehe. 🙂

We were actually having a tough time doing our thesis project as we have little progression over the past two to three weeks. But somehow, we’ve managed to work more productively this week. Thus, we were able to move on with our two-week-long dilemma of our project. Whew!

As of friday last week, we could  move the colored object (controller) faster around the screen. We still repaint the screen though, we actually just manipulated threads in our code.  Hopefully, the performance of our program will still be consistently fast as we move on. o_O  Aside from this, we were also able to check if the controller points on a certain area of the screen (when controller points on a static leaf).
*I don’t have the copy of the updated program. My thesis partner will just post the screenshots soon. =)*

Anyhow, below are the drafts of the rest of the storyboards we’ll be creating:



Pop the Bubbles!

Pop the Bubbles!

Feed Me the Right Food

Feed Me the Right Food




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August 30, 2009 at 4:48 pm

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