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We finally have some rough implementations of the Create new Player and Pitch game modules. Jr has already blogged about the Pitch game, and here I am going to show you screenshots of the menus and create new player module.

What we are planning to do here is to have a file that saves all information (player name, age, gender, scores) and which could keep track of the player’s past game performances and see if he/she improves. Also, it would be used by the Continue menu as it will reference the name of the player to keep track of his/her performance.

After the demo on Monday, we are also planning to go back to the College of Music and present our first game to Ms. Jocelyn. We would also be asking for advises for the rhythm and melody part, which will surely be more challenging.


Written by JM Sta Juana

September 9, 2009 at 10:15 am

Posted in GBLinMusic

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