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I’ve been having a hard time trying to understand Android themes and styles, what’s the difference, similarities..and which one I’m supposed to do first. Working on our layouts, which we have been revising over and over again to give way to new functionalities (and better appearance:p), we have pushed back doing the themes and styles.

But when a surprise inspector comes to check if our projects in the lab are marketable, we realized that it is time to add some taste on our project. started searching for other tutorials on the net on Android, like the one found on this link. There are tutorials found on the Android site but I’ve been trying to understand them for a long time now. I’ve also started searching for ideas and drawing images for our layout:D Hopefully, I’ll be able to understand Android themes soon so that I can apply it to our project already. I also hope that Android will make more tutorials over the net. It’s really easier to start when you have a sample code to follow and you’re just trying to get the hang of it:D

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September 12, 2009 at 12:29 pm

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