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Lately, staying at the laboratory has made me nervous.

There were visitors in the department who went at each of the laboratories.  And we were encouraged to present our researches to them.

The first visitor is a guy from the IBM.  One of my laboratory mates told us that the “IBM person” was there to consider the marketability (or something related to that) of our thesis projects.  Together with Sir Pros, the “IBM person” went inside the laboratory.  As they roam around the lab, my partner and I prepared the slides and the game.

We presented the slides as an introduction and then the actual demo of the game.  It was overwhelming when Sir Pros commented positively on it.  We thought that we were successful at capturing the interest of the “IBM person” since he went asking things about the implementation of our program.  He apparently was not yet aware of existing libraries that allow a programmer to develop with the Wii remote.

The next visitors were from Mindanao and they were escorted by Dr. Caro, our thesis adviser himself. XD  I was so unlucky because I was alone!  My groupmate was not yet around.  Anyway, I tried to gather my confidence and presented to them our thesis.  But I was getting very clumsy!  I cannot even find the option to exit the full screen in Mac.. XD  Worse, I realized that the program only runs with my partner’s Wii remote.  I was getting clumsy at finding that line of code that I need to uncomment in order for it to run on any Wii remote. XD

When I finally found it, it was too late.  I wanted to redeem to myself. XD


Written by Angelica Gomez

September 12, 2009 at 10:09 am

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  1. Always be ready! My suggestion is always have a stable Version of NetBeans Project ready for demo. Do not use the codes you are editing.


    September 18, 2009 at 11:14 am

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