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Advantages of JAVA FX

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  • Expressive RIA platform for all screens: Unified development and deployment model for building expressive RIAs across desktop, browser and mobile
  • Designer-developer workflow: Dramatically shortened production cycle for designers and developers
  • Powerful runtime: Leverage the extreme ubiquity, power, performance and security of Java runtime
  • Ready-made mass market: Widely distribute RIAs quicker and easier across billions of devices
  • Break free of the browser: Drag-and drop a JavaFX application from the browser to deploy to the desktop
  • Rich client platform: Makes it easy and intuitive to integrate graphics, video, audio, animation and rich text
  • No security vs. usability conflict: Unlike other web technologies, JavaFX applications get broader system access with the proven Java security model
  • Investments in Java preserved: Reuse existing Java libraries in JavaFX applications
  • Next-generation mash-ups: Web services support allows rapid development of mash-ups and enterprise applications
  • Cross-browser compatibility: JavaFX applications look and feel consistent across all browsers on multiple platforms
  • Enterprise integration: Rapidly integrate rich client UI with complex back-end enterprise applications
  • RIAs with global reach: Advanced rich-text rendering with multi-lingual support to create RIAs with a global reach


  • JavaFX script is based on Java’s best features. Platform indepenency is one of Java’s widely known traits. Once JavaFX seripts are written they can be run on any platform thus making it portable beacause of which Java has become so much popular today. JavaFX is also intended to provide application security and ubiquitous distribution. JavaFX has its ability lying in leveraging he power of Java Platform.
  • JavaFX Script’s one of the advantages is that with the help of it the web designers and developers can create rich content applications at a faster rate than ever and that too in an easier mode. These applications can be used for desktops, browsers, mobile devices, set- top boxes etc. and in future for other platforms too.
  • By using JavaFX Script the web developers can create now more compelling and dynamic
    application and interfaces which are rich in visual graphical contents. It also binds the
    capabilty of other Java components to give designers and developers more flexibility in
    making applications attractive to the users.


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September 17, 2009 at 3:50 am

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    September 17, 2009 at 11:09 pm

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