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Rating System for Educational Games

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Ma’am Weng advised us to do some research on game evaluation. We came across this nice paper, not to mention new, entitled Standardized Educational Games Ratings: Suggested Criteria (Daniel Hurd and Erin Jennings, Spring 2009).

In the paper, Hurd and Jennings present the following criteria:

  • Overall Value (length of a typical play session, available lessons/learning modules, learning curve)
  • Usability (how well is the user interface design?)
  • Accuracy (of content or mechanics)
  • Appropriateness (of the design to the target users’ needs)
  • Relevance (how meaningful and applicable the content is to the user)
  • Objectives (are these clearly defined?)
  • Feedback (does the user know if he/she is correct/wrong? why/why not?)
  • Motivation (setting of game scenario, goals, challenges, rewards)
  • Engagement (is it enjoyable enough for users to be willing to play it?)

The text in italics is just how we understood them so don’t take it to heart. You could go and read the actual paper which gives a lengthy discussion about each criterion.

We hope it could be of good use to those who are also doing games in the lab. 🙂


Written by Jhie

September 19, 2009 at 11:39 am

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