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I never knew I’d have problems with our SVN.

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We’ve had a short discussion early afternoon to lay out the goals for Monday’s presentation as well as the final demo on the 10th(October). I thought we were all set until I found out I forgot to commit the latest changes of our app to the SVN repository. I thought this was me being forgetful because I have been sleeping at 4am so I phoned home and guided my kid brother to commit my changes.

He was able to commit but not without difficulty. As I went back to update our system on the Imac, I was surprised to find out that the changes were not reflected! I phoned again and guided my brother again through the whole process again. The changes still didn’t reflect!

Something’s wrong. Maybe…

1. I already commited the changes and isn’t reflecting it.
2. Something’s wrong with my copy.
3. My brother didn’t do it right.

I am also looking at these symptoms:

1. Subclipse isn’t reflecting the new changes when about to commit. It is only reflecting the changes to the classpath!
2. When I checked the repo online it is only reflecting the changes in one file: the xml file for our spring beans.
3. The mac was able to get the changes to the xml file for the spring beans but not the other files especially the new classes.

I already tried (on the phone via my brother)

1. Cleaning the whole project
2. Turning off build automatically and turning it on again.

It’s a good thing I wrote the code for the new changes, so in the meantime I coded them again and the system’s back up! It’s showing the same behaviour as the one that is deployed in appengine.

I am going to commit the changes I made to the mac. See what happens from there. If unfuddle doesn’t reflect the changes, then I guess something’s wrong on their end.


Written by Jose Asuncion

September 22, 2009 at 9:44 am

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