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Computer Science is not simply programming

Due to Lack of Knowledge and “Applied” Creativity

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My thesismate and I believe that we have so much creativity in mind (Haha!) We
know we have conceptualized our game storyboards well but we’re really having a
difficult time implementing them (most especially the interface).

We are not that much skilled in creating, editing and drawing images we needed for
our game. Yes, we do know some basic photoshop (but hey, this is actually the one
thing we only know. Hehe)
and so somehow, doing just the interface eats much of
our time instead of coding all the way.

If only we could just gather all the images we can find in the internet and edit the way we
wanted to look it. But no, we just couldn’t. Copyright, Property rights, blah blah.
Yeah. We know. Since we are creating our own games for our thesis, we strictly need
to make our own designs. o_O

Hahaha. [Emo mode turned off]

Anyway, here is the final interface we made for our second game. (Haha. Now at least,
the images are original from us. We normally use some pics in the net first as our
temporary game images)


And here’s the partial interface for our third game. (It’s partial because the kids are
images from the net and we just “cartoonized” them. We’ll change it soon if time
permits. :D)


Written by inah

September 26, 2009 at 5:41 pm

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