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Two Weeks Ago…

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We had another demo last Monday (Sept 14).

Our first game which we named, Falling Leaves is almost done!  *check previous
screenshots of our first game*

But here’s the list of what we need to change/improve based on our game demo:

1. Change the trash can into a “stick”?
(Status: We actually don’t know what object Sir Rom and Ma’am Weng were telling us
so we haven’t changed it up to now. Hehe)

2. Make the text Sans Serif.
(Status: Changed!)

3. Make the tracking of scores visible.
(Status: Changed! We added a sun object to the upper left side of the game window
so the score label is now more visible)

4. Remove the text box from the leaves.
(Status: Unchanged. We still don’t know how to make the text visible enough behind the image of a leaf without the white text box. Changing the text to a different color other than black would also be not effective. We are wondering how we can put an outline
in the text. We actually came up with the idea of making images of all the letters. But that
would be way too complicated and waste of time and effort. o_O)

5. Make the controller (cap) appear exactly at the back of the object pointer (the trash can) in the screen
(Status: Done!
Solution: drawObject(dbg2, xHead-60, yHead-60);
How we wish we have discovered this loooooong before! Hehe)

6. Make an assessment at the end of the game.
(Status: Done! Assessment of our game is implemented by keeping track of total
score, total points of hits and missed and a table showing the correct answer of each
question a player missed)

We want to polish our first game but we need to proceed on creating the rest of
our other game plans. o_O


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September 26, 2009 at 5:15 pm

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