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The last time we presented our major problem was the screen resolution of the monitor.  It appears that our images do not rescale accordingly especially when we shift our VMWare to full screen.  The results were really bizarre –  the bottom panel for the polynomial cannot be seen, it may or may not run at all depending whether the NullPointerException for the displayModesMatch() will be thrown or not, the game area itself remains on the left side of the panel resulting in a very wide background image.  So, to be able to present well, we just “mirrored” our monitor so that it appears as is when projected.  Nevertheless, we still got a “good” from Sir Rom! 😀

Here are the recommendations:

: An option for the teacher to enter his or her own set of questions.

: Student profile

: Save everything in a file (but we were still thinking whether we will store the questions together with their corresponding    answers)

: Start the second game! XD

Since meetings with Dr. Caro have not pushed through lately, we also decided to consult our second storyboards to Sir Rom and Ma’am Weng as well.  We are glad that they seem to like our ideas.  We will just wait for further comments and recommendations when the time comes that we are presenting it.


Written by Angelica Gomez

October 2, 2009 at 1:14 pm

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