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Picking up where we’ve left off

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I am blogging so I won’t forget where we’ve left off ever since things started to go wrong and then eventually when our thesis was at a standstill.

When everything started to go wrong I was developing on the mac and I had no way to commit all the features I’ve made since DILNET wouldn’t allow me. Fortunately we ran into some errors. And it’s easier for me to decide to recode everything I’ve done from scratch and come up with a better product. But here’s what we’ve done since then:

Pao and I got our issue with the Youtube preview resolved. You can now enter YouTube urls as a learning object and the create course form will embed a youtube video as a preview (done server side of course)

Dan and I worked on accessing Google Docs via Oauth. We’ve made it to work but it doesn’t scale. I’ll work on that today.

Not PLE related: Kee and tried to access the DivShare using its API but that didn’t work out because they said we were sending the wrong parameters to their request urls. I looked up to see that the API documentation hadn’t changed in 2 years. A lot must have changed under the covers since then so I told Kee to look for an alternative instead.

Regarding my foray into the DIV share API what that means for us in PLE is that I can choose between using client libraries or sending manual get/post requests to oauth urls since I learned it wasn’t that hard to do them in Java.

Using client libraries thought leaves a lot to be refactored or maybe I am just being O.C I don’t know.

I guess the next step will be to start on working on the features and start from where my code is with respect to what I have on my mac. It’s actually not far behind.

What I’ll commit this weekend will be where I’ll start off once I get back to the mac on Monday.

Written by Jose Asuncion

October 3, 2009 at 5:32 am

Posted in Hardwire

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