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Second Game Prototype: First Test of Reusability

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For our second game, we chose system of linear equations as our next topic.  We also chose drag-and-drop as our next interaction method since it will also be the first test of the reusability of the drag-and-drop component from the MMVJR group.  When we were coding it, we were amazed at how easily we were able to reuse the class for the drag-and-drop.  We just added a few lines of code to suit our needs like displaying something here, etc. We also appreciated the casting to a more “general” class of JComponent so that whatever we pass to the constructor will still be accepted. (Go MMVJR! :D)

Next, for this game, we tried reading from file.  We were discussing whether we shall include the corresponding answers and finally settled that we will not include them in the file.  We shall solve the system of equations read from file and find a way of storing the answers run-time such that they are associated with the correct questions.

Anyway, here are the screen shots of the prototype:




Written by Angelica Gomez

October 4, 2009 at 8:39 am

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