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Finally, we have added a count down timer in our game. After tinkering with our code, we have succeeded in making the timer work with our webcam capture. We spent almost an hour to make it work with our already existing game. At first, the timer was acting weird when it was run concurrently with our webcam capture. The snap_interval (the time between image/webcam image snaps), and the delay in the timer (1 second delay) was coinciding with one another, making the timer run as fast as the webcam snaps.  Then after, moving around the timer’s thread, we finally hit the jackpot. The timer’s thread should be placed after the webcam snaps and not inside the webcam snaps. Although doing this, gives a little delay because the timer starts before the game image is shown in the screen. 😛


Written by izelderamos

October 11, 2009 at 5:32 am

Posted in EEG

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