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I’m supposed to finish writing my blog posts for the week but exams and other requirements get in the way. Anyway, the final 198 presentation is already finished and we’re supposed to be on a “semestral break” But for me, I think this is a good time to really take my time on my 198.

After I presented my 198 last Monday, I got my first feedback from Sir Rom. Probably because this is my first “decent” presentation I did since God knows when. Since what I presented last Monday still contained concurrency issues, I need to figure out how to update the screen so I could add the text at the same time detect the marker using the NyARToolkit. Next, Sir Rom met me today(Wednesday) and discussed that I should test other game engines/technologies which would work on NyARToolkit. Also, he added that I need to figure out how I can manipulate NyARToolkit so that it first captures a base background for the screen then manipulate the marker however possible. This makes the Jmf capture faster and how the 3d models integrate with the marker efficient.

So I’d be presenting these stu


Written by rururu

October 14, 2009 at 10:10 am

Posted in Augmented Reality

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