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Stuck at a crossroad with GWT

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I am studying GWT so that Hardwire will now be AJAX enabled. It’s easier to do our client side code in GWT since there are a lot of professionally written libraries out there that we can harness, like drag and drop which is one of the features educators want in a Personal Learning Environment.

But I am a bit lost now.

I got off to a good start by learning the fundamentals of Client-Server communication with GWT.

Next, I jumped into unit testing GWT which from my experience makes software development faster.


But so far I find myself lacking in confidence. I haven’t tried writing code that makes an RPC and I can’t unit test my code because I am worried about GWT-Spring integration. Doing a google search only gives scary results. But I know GWT-Spring integration is vital because I need to use the Dependency Injection for the web services so that I can use the Spring beans that all the other components that Hardwire uses.

Take the persistence manager factory (pmf) for example, the documentation says that it is one of the most expensive things you can have in an instance of your app and that it should be only called once. I am sure some of our web services will need to hit the database, I just can’t tell what they are right now because we don’t know what features to implement yet. Thing is, HardWire only needs one pmf in the whole app.

That means whether you’re a GWT web service or a data access object the reference you have you to the pmf should only point to one pmf.

That means I have to find a way to integrate GWT web server into Spring.

But wait! I still have the issue of lack of confidence in using pure GWT client – server.

I feel I need to slow down a little bit. So where was I?

I pretty much know how to code UI with GWT.

I know, at least in theory, how to make a GWT RPC call and implement a GWT RPC server.

Next is unit testing and then integration with Spring.

Alright fine. Computer Science lessons come in lecture-lab combinations. I will practice doing client server first and then unit testing and then the part that creeps the hell out of me, Spring Integration.

Happy Halloween! 😀


Written by Jose Asuncion

October 31, 2009 at 3:36 pm

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