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Getting Started: Priorities

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Last week I felt uneasy because I wasn’t working on my thesis. Although we were “sweating” over our GIT entry then, I had the feeling I was slacking off a bit too much.

Fast forward to this afternoon, our group had talks with sir Rom to get his expectations for us for the second sem.

Feature wise, Hardwire should have the following features by January:

Create a Course Feature
We have this done already but we’re going to remove the server side previewing in favor of client side code. Right now, just thinking about how to integrate Google App Engine, Spring and GWT gives my brain a nosebleed.

Priority: 4 but we should be able to implement this by Monday.

Learn Module Feature
All this time I can’t think of what feature to develop next for HardWire. The possibilities are endless — as many as the blog posts that talk about it. But sir Rom suggested this and I agree that this is the most logical thing after the Create a module feature. This is the part where the learner acts upon the resources to attain his/her learning objective.

Priority: 1 this is another feature that will make our PLE a PLE.

Machine Readable Modules
Go ask ma’m Shelli about this. I am not so keen on embedding common tags to our PLE. First is because the modules are dynamically generated and not static pages. So you have to machine read (hint: query) the database instead of machine reading the module pages. But maybe I am wrong and there is some way to machine read dynamically generated pages.

Priority: 3 just because I think it can’t be done nevertheless we will still look into it.

Connect with Projectrix
After a learner learns the module. He/She should be able to get feedback/assesment. Projectrix takes care of this and so we should be able to throw a learner’s learnings there. Also, Hardwire will be extended to mobile next year, so sir Rom and I agreed that the mobile version should just be able to fetch data from the mother app.

Priority: 2 We will do this right after the Learn Module Feature

So what’s our next play? For tomorrow we might be studying GWT a little bit to add client side functionality to the app.

But come to think of it, this is just a minor feature and we might just do this in the later part of the year during testing.

Counter-retort that thought, Sir Joel and others (probably other educators) will be testing the app and more or less the app should be aesthetically pleasing. So this should be a must as well.

Priority: 2

Also, we’ll be fine tuning the features for each feature of the app to make things even better.


Written by Jose Asuncion

November 17, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Posted in Hardwire

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