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Fusing GWT and Spring MVC

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We’d like to have the richness of client side functionality and the power of Spring forms for our create module controller.

Unfortunately this isn’t really an easy task because there aren’t a lot of resources out there on it.

But the questions for me right now are:

How to bind raw html to the Spring command class.
How to translate Spring Form to raw html.
And if using the GWT Form Panel and Spring is even possible.

I’ve already tried binding raw html form input fields to a spring command class before and it worked….I think because that was a long time ago and I vaguely remember what happened. But if it didn’t why would I be blogging about it?

Oh I just remembered:

there’s nothing magical about how an HTML input gets bound to a field in the Spring command object; it’s just based on the name.

So at least I know using raw html to bind to spring forms will work. I have already “translated” spring forms to raw/html. The next part is doing it using GWT and using GWT RPC to make server side calls.


Written by Jose Asuncion

November 20, 2009 at 7:23 pm

Posted in Hardwire

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