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Yay! The Third One’s Here!

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… well, almost. 😉

While we’ve already settled that we’d be working on basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), we were still undecided on the interaction and the game idea itself. At first we thought about the shark-eat-fishes theme (blogged about that here) but we weren’t able to follow that one up. We’ve also thought of other ideas along that line and some of them were:1. Mathsketball – where in the user would try to “shoot” the correct answer into the appropriate basket. The idea was scrapped because it was difficult to draw a ball and to animate it. 😛

2. Car-to-gasoline-station – same idea as the one above, this time cars instead of balls and gasoline stations instead of basket. We also threw in a car running out of gasoline (as an indication of time limit). It was scrapped because of the same reason.

What we currently have is a slightly modified version of idea #2. We decided to have “gates” instead of gasoline stations because they were easier to draw. The car would have to pass through the correct gate to reach it’s destination. It’s a bit difficult to describe here but I’ll be posting screenschots later. 😀

The interaction that we thought of was tilting the wiimote left and right to choose the correct and lane and then swinging up to start the car off.


Written by aubreygraze

November 21, 2009 at 7:15 am

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