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In the works: Hardwire-Dashboard.

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The Hard-wire dashboard is like a facebook wall. It summarizes

1. current unfinished pursuits such as creating a module or studying a module
2. recent responses of your network to modules you are creating or
when both of you are learning a module.

We’re almost done refactoring Hard-Wire. Before one needed a Twitter account to get started. Now whether you’re a new user or an avid one, you’re immediately redirected to your dashboard.

Major features to add

1. Get a list of unfinished Modules, unfinished studies and recent comments.

Just a few fixes to do now,

1. Resolve if profile will be showed in every page. My issues with this is, all the data needed to show the profile is stored in the session. I don’t know if I am being too OC by thinking that too much is stored to the session but it doesn’t feel right.

2. Add a link to learn a module.

3. Discuss whether to remove the Add notifications and Highlights sidebar. Replace that with the TagCloud instead?


Written by Jose Asuncion

November 22, 2009 at 7:58 am

Posted in Hardwire

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