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Momentary Video Capture Blinking *minor* Bug and D3D error

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After the CS199 meeting, I managed to work on the JMF’s frame rate which resulted to better output. I tinkered a little bit on the Java3D util files on NyARToolkit because I’m trying to optimize its frame rate and how it projects “inside” the video captured. I unfortunately did not save a copy of my working file so when I got home, my program’s video capture kept blinking (much like double buffering or continuous refreshing). Since it kept getting the same blinking bug on Bootcamp, I restarted to MacOS and used VMWare. When I ran the code, JMF’s capture device did not start and the program ended with the following errors:


CONTEXT_CREATION_ERROR: Renderer: Error creating Canvas3D graphics context

graphicsDevice = Win32GraphicsDevice[screen=0] canvas =[canvas0,0,0,640×480]

[Java3D]: Using D3DDEVTYPE_REF mode.

[Java3D] Warning : Fail to create hardware D3D Device, switch to use reference rasterizer. – D3DERR_DEVICELOST

There aren’t a lot of information about this error when I googled it. However, I managed to solve it when one reply to a thread suggested that upgrading my Video Card Drivers will make it work. Since I’m using VMWare, I can definitely omit the idea that the problem lies with the hardware drivers. So I reinstalled DirectX since this was where the original problem occurred. Then, it worked! Finally.


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November 23, 2009 at 4:30 pm

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