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Rubrics using Google Spreadsheets

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We almost gave up on using Google Spreadsheets for the rubric creation–until our last project planning. What we were planning to do is to create our own rubric creator using GWT–but I think there’s no way for us to implement the collaboration function (similar to that of Google Docs) given the timeframe.

So now, this is our current plan on how to implement the rubric:

(1) Make Projectrix create a new Spreadsheet — Done by Dan before.

(2) Insert rubric headers — The new rubric will include a scale for the top row (incrementing from left to right) and any additional row will be a new criterion.*

(3) Make Projectrix access the ATOM feed of the Spreadsheet (like in our sample rubric:

(4) Use open source ATOM parsers (here’s a running list: to parse the ATOM feed

(5) Insert the parsed text to the empty table** in Projectrix.

* Google Spreadsheets API provides steps on how one can update Spreadsheet rows (follow:

** The rubric table in Projectrix is entirely independent from the Spreadsheet–the only role of the Spreadsheet is to provide the rubric table with its contents. But without the text from the Spreadsheet, the rubric will actually work–albeit defeating the purpose.

Projectrix won’t save the contents of the Spreadsheet until it’s published. We’ll be doing the same action selections as iRubric (Create, Modify (for unpublished rubrics), and Duplicate).

My priority task is to find out solutions for points (3) and (4). Will update on which parser we’ll be using prolly later today or tomorrow.


Written by falloutkee

November 24, 2009 at 6:27 am

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