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Dear Dr. Zuñiga,

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Below is our letter to Dr Aurora Zuñiga of UP Integrated School..

December 8, 2009

Aurora C. Zuñiga, Ph. D


UP Integrated School

Dear Dr. Zuñiga,

Good Day!

We, Manica Dimaiwat and Rose Ann Sale, are students from the College of Engineering, Department of Computer Science. We are currently taking our CS 199 subject (Thesis) and are members of the Web Science Group under the supervision of Prof. Ma. Rowena Solamo and Prof. Rommel Feria.

Our thesis, KineSpell2, is a continuation of last year’s KineSpell that was published under the 8th ICWL. Our goal is to be able to develop a tool that can be used to teach spelling to early grade students using the kinesthetic approach. We improved the first KineSpell by adding new features such as voice recording for proper pronunciation and a new assessment system. Also, instead of using only the SunSPOTs as game controller, Nintendo’s Wii Remote can now be used. We will also conduct a comparative study of the two tools.

In this regard, we would like to ask your permission to test the program in your school. The test will be in two phases, the initial testing and the final testing. In the initial testing that we would like to have early next week, the 7 KineSpell1 testers that are now in grade 3 will be the ones to test the game. And in the final testing, we would like have at least 30 K2 students to test the game in late January to early February next year.

Your help, and your students’ help, would greatly contribute to the success of our thesis. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Rose Ann Sale Manica Dimaiwat

Noted By:

Prof. Ma. Rowena C. Solamo
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering
University of the Philippines, Diliman


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