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XML (glare-assessment)

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Yesterday, Ma’am Leah introduced us to the CS 192 students who will be doing the web portal which will compile all our assessment data via XML parsing. The game-based projects are required to have a common XML template for the assessment data as told by the advisers. So, Sir Rom, Ma’am Leah and Ma’am Weng explained to the 192 students how they want the XML parsing to be done, etc, and how our projects affects their project. It became a pressure for us, game-based projects, because their grade depends on our XML files as it is also a pressure for them since without their project, our CS 199 will not be graded. Nyay.

The groups MathVenturesHS, MathVenturesJR, GLARE(Game-based Learning in an AR Environment) and Kinespell were present at that time so we decided that we will be implementing Angge’s and Guillard’s XML template and work our assessment data  similarities and differences from there. The Pitch Paradise later joined us in the discussion. We discussed the different assessment output from each game then checked all the commonalities that we have from the XML that the MathVentures did. We also found out that a project game’s assessment data differs from another game’s assessment data (i.e. Category for Kinespell, etc) so we also sorted out all our “other” assessment data.

Since we left the “uncommon assessment data” discussion hanging, we are not sure when we will be finishing the discussion and implementation (hopefully soon, but not now. hehe) For the time-being, these are data that I will be getting for the assessment part of the project.

  • Name of Player
  • Age
  • Grade Level
  • Date and Time when played
  • Category (fixed is Digestive System)
  • Levels
  • Total time played per question
  • Total time marker-browsed per question per trial
  • Number of Tries
  • Number of Correct Items

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December 15, 2009 at 7:43 pm

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