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Computer Science is not simply programming


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Coding means a lot of things to a Filipino software developer. It may mean the number-coding scheme that the Metro Manila Development Authority is currently implementing to reduce the volume of cars plying the streets. The more relevant meaning is writing literature using a specific programming language. 🙂

In the context of UP Computer Science, it means developing real software – the whole banana, so to speak. Yes, it means the full suite – back-end and front-end, and not to forget the whole documentation, too.

Unfortunately, after the last presentation for 2009, I found a couple of students just doing one part of the puzzle – the front-end or just the documentation. Sad to say but you guys will not survive the programme doing just that. It seems like you are taking the short route to graduation. Sorry but we just have to be in your way and without you taking on the job as software engineer, you will not graduate this April.


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December 17, 2009 at 10:29 pm

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