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Fifth Game: Our Frog’s Last Adventure

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Amidst certain changes that we still have to make for our fourth game, at last, we are planning for our fifth game.

We picked the lesson on arithmetic series and geometric progression.  We thought of incorporating multiple interaction methods for this game.  During our previous games, we just included tilting and swinging or tilting and then slashing.  This time, we plan to include tilting, swinging, and then smashing. Haha.

The character is sailing on the river while jumping (hence, the swinging up) on the correct answer which satisfies the next number in the series/progression.  Then the character must smash (hence, the smashing) a rock that contains the description of the series/progression.

Those are just our first ideas. I am sure that sometime we will make changes. Haha.


Written by Angelica Gomez

December 17, 2009 at 4:01 am

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