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Last Tuesday, we had our last consultation with Maam Joy for the year. While the College of Music was busy with several stores and stalls, we met Maam Joy at around 6pm at the Ethnomusicology department. With other faculty members inside, she eagerly asked us to show what we have done. Unfortunately the Android phone was unavailable that time so we just used the emulator to present. We showed the final interface and game flow of our rhythm game, and gladly Maam Joy approved it immediately! The first two games were all signed and sealed, so we headed to the last game, the melody game.

The game flow that we presented was like this: The 8 pitches are given on the screen, the user shall hear a series of notes, and he simply has to tap the sequence in correct order. Since this is the last stage, a twist is added. The user should correctly tap the sequence from start till end, no room for mistakes. Once he taps a wrong note, that set is already void.

Maam Joy suggested a better way of adding fun and more learning for melody. She said we could actually make a game combination of pitch and rhythm for melody! So how’s that?:

Given the 8 pitches on the screen, the user will hear a sequence of notes (C, D, E, etc), with specific rhythm sequence too (Whole, half, quarter). With that, the user must tap the correct sequence of pitches with a correct rhythmic tap sequence. So, you should be tapping the correct sequence of notes, in the correct rhythm.

Maam Joy and her co-faculty members’ eagerness inspired us to get this done. The game should be finished by the end of this month, all complete with assessment (following the XML format given), plus a web component for the students’ scores. We’re looking forward to start the testing come January!


Written by JM Sta Juana

December 21, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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