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I have made the Assessment part partially working. And with partial, I meant this:

This can be created with an arbitrary ProjectID, RubricID, AssessorID, and Score. Each Assessment is a new transaction, therefore the list of the entire Assessments will serve as a log (which can be now accessed as well).

While waiting for the Projects part to be uploaded, here are the remaining iterations for the Assessment part:

(1) Integration of Projects to Assessments – Initially, I will be using getAllProjects(). This would then enable the user to assess ALL projects in Projectrix. It will appear on a list and whichever will be chosen, its ID will be stored.

(2) Integration of Rubrics to Assessments – Initially as well, all Rubrics can be used for any Project chosen. Same goes with the ID (will be chosen from a list). Using the existing viewRubricById() function, option buttons will then be inserted (this will be majorly front-end) with their corresponding weights. Scores will then be totaled and stored.

(3) Reforming and refining the Assessments page – This time, the Assessments that the user can see will only be the Assessments requested for him to do. For the rubrics, only compatible projects can be assessed with a specific rubric.

(4) Recreating the page using GWT


Written by falloutkee

December 27, 2009 at 12:52 pm

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